PLASMAR+ en MapSIS 2022



MapSIS2022 event is planned for 7th of July as a one-day event, including workshops and special sessions.

Special sessions are planned, but also accepting proposals for thematic workshops, sessions and even potential communications.

We are particularly interested in novel approaches for the integration of environmental and social aspects into the planning processes and allocation of the maritime sectors, land-sea interactions analysis, as well as the cumulative impact assessment approaches and innovative methodologies associated with related data management.

Finally, we are interested in future monitoring programs and related indicators that will provide useful information on gaps and updates needed for the next cycle of MSP.

The MapSIS 2022 will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) co-organized within the International Symposium on Marine Science (ISMS) that will run from the 6th-8th July 2022.

Although participation in MapSIS 2022 is free of charge (by invitation) and the registration fee is not required, we highly encourage all participants get involved in the events ongoing within the same week and destination, and register for the International Symposium of Marine Science (ISMS).

PLASMAR+ session will take place after lunch with the following presentation:

15:30 – 16:30

«PLASMAR+ Cumulative Impact Assessment session»

More info:


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